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  • My 5 Top Tips To Dealing With That Niggly Injury

    My 5 Top Tips To Dealing With That Niggly Injury


    We all get those tricky little niggly injuries and they can end up plaguing us for a while, months or even years.

    The reason for this is we just don’t treat them as an injury.

    More often than not we simply try to ignore them and just hope they go away.

    The reasons for this can vary from “I just don’t think they are an issue” to “I worry about making that roster spot” or “I want to play that game”.

    Well I am here to tell you to stop ignoring them and here is why and what to do about them.


    1. If in doubt, check it out.

    Don’t self diagnose, go and see a professional. A quick Google search doesn’t count either.

    Your body is important, we only get one in this life of ours. How quickly would you seek out a replacement for a broken skate part.



    1. Rest!!!

    I can’t stress this enough, we all want to skate but that little niggle isn’t going to go away without rest. In fact more often than not it will develop more problems.

    I see skaters continuing on through pain, in fear of missing that roster spot.

    But let’s look at the bigger picture shall we.

    What use are you on that roster if you are constantly carrying an injury and not playing 100% because your compensating for that injury.

    Time to remember this is a team sport not all about you, you are doing your team mates dis-justice by skating through it.




    1. Taping it, isn’t fixing it

    Now Kt Tape is a fantastic source however it shouldn’t replace rehabilitating an injury. It should be used in conjunction.

    If you are taping it, are you doing rehabilitation exercises to increase the strength? Because if you are not, then how do you expect to ever be in a position to not need the tape any more?


    Phtographer: Olivia Coupe

    Phtographer: Olivia Coupe


    1. Rehab after rest.

    Another mistake I see a lot from skaters after a seemly small injury, is to rest till the pain goes away and then back into full swing.

    Just because the pain is gone doesn’t mean your injury is gone. You now need to strengthen that area again.




    1. Don’t be that guy

    The guy that tells others to rest and recover their injuries but ignores your own.

    Another reason I hear a lot is. ‘I don’t want to miss anything’. 

    Well you don’t have too in fact it will be better for you to not.

    Just because you’re injured doesn’t have to stop you from attending training and being involved.

    Go to training and help your team mates out.

    Film parts of the session, watch and give feedback. Be engaged with the session, it will help so much much with your mood about your injury.

    Staying involved will help you stay positive and help you fit back in once you’ve recovered. 

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  • Posted by Sprints on March 11, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Yes! So much of this! I had a totally annoying hip injury last year that took me out of the roster and out of skating at all for over 3 months, and I have to say one of the things that really helped me was still attending practice every week. There are always helpful things you can do, whether it’s timing a drill, giving feedback or just refilling someone’s water bottle! And it helped me to still feel like part of the team and part of the league. Not to mention that your friends miss you if you’re not there 🙂 What you bring to a league or team isn’t just about skating, you’re *you* and that’s irreplaceable! Being injured is really hard mentally as well as physically, and I also started reading a lot about sport psychology when I couldn’t physically do the sport.

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