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When it comes to planning your roller derby training, we see players like you experiencing 3 main problems.

On the face of it, these issues don’t actually seem like a big deal…

But they’re undermining your progress before you even start.

Tell us if any of the following sound familiar to you:

  • You’ve decided that you want to structure your training… But how do you know which training elements to do and when to do them?
  • You’ve set yourself a goal for your roller derby training or career… But how can you guarantee that you’ll reach them or that they’re even attainable?
  • Perhaps you’ve started going to fitness classes or even working with a personal trainer… But are they involved in roller derby? If not, how can they really train you for a sport that they don’t know anything about?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, then this may be one of the most important pages you’ve read this year for your derby career.

You see, we know what it’s like for you, because we’ve been through the same issues…

You hear tons of advice (some of it conflicting) about the best ways to get strong and agile for derby.

Perhaps you even find a plan or regimen that seems right for your derby needs…
Then you have to wade through pages and pages of online information to see if the plan really is right for you.

And that’s the big problem:

You’re not the same as everyone else. Nobody is.

Every person has different requirements, a different body type, a different life.

So, even if you find the perfect derby training course, that’s only half of the equation.

You could go through a training course (like our Core Blimey training plan) and still be missing out on those extra elements that make up the perfect way to train for your specific body and goals.

There’s much more potential derby brilliance in you that you’re not tapping into, because you don’t know exactly how to create your ideal plan for your body.

Obviously, we create our online training courses to be the best possible solution for a derby athlete like you.

If you’re on one of our courses, or you have been in the past, then you’re already ahead of most other players.

But that training can be tailored to you as an individual.

That’s why we’ve created our exclusive Derby Fit Consultation, for dedicated derby players like you.

After all, if you’re reading this, you must want to reach your highest potential in the sport.

To do that, you realise that you need support and guidance from players that have been there and succeeded.

After all, no great athlete ever achieved greatness on their own.

They had an experienced team to help them.

We can be that team for you.

We’re offering you the chance to have an hour-long consultation with one of us, where we’ll work with you to create the best possible plan for you.

Secure Your Training 1-to-1

Here’s what we’ll get during the consultation with Rogue or Smack:

This includes

  • Goal setting
  • Balance your training guidance
  • Schedule planning
  • Advice for fitness testing and goal tracking
  • Discussion about how to get the most out of your training

Goal Setting
First up, we’ll talk about what the areas you want to improve. Then we’ll look at how to make those into achievable goals to give your training structure.

Balanced Training
Next, we’ll look at how to be goal focused while maintaining a balanced training regime. We’ll also make sure that your goals aren’t to the detriment of other elements of training.

Then, we’ll talk through your time schedule and how to get the most from it. We’ll set time frames and realistic training structures to keep your goals achievable.

Fitness Testing
How should you measure your goals? We’ll discuss fitness testing to aid your progress and guide you towards your goals.

How to get the most the most from your training
Discuss how YOU personally can get the most out of your training and achieve a balance not just in your training but also in your lifestyle. That way you’re far more likely to make it part of your life and not something you have to endure!

From here you will be equipped with the knowledge to really get the most from your training.

So, click the button below now to secure your training session:

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PLUS: After the consultation, if we feel like you’re ready for it, we will give you the option to go further with Fitness Gone Rogue one-on-one training with Smack or Rogue.

What Our Trainees Say About Working With Us…

Obviously, we could tell you how brilliant we are(!), but we’d much prefer our trainees’ words  and results speak for us:

Working with Rogue has been the best preparation that I could get for Roller Derby… I’m looking forward to get back on training with Rogue and push again the limits of my body.

Killian ‘Mr. Furieux’ David Killian ‘Mr. Furieux’ David
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

In such a short space of time I feel stronger, leaner and my muscles have much more bounce. My derby has improved, as a result, allowing me to feel more confident with my hits and recover quicker from those tough jams. My training plan is tailored to my fitness level and my end goal.

Florence The Machine Florence The Machine
Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls

Fitness Gone Rogue takes the stress out of going to the gym. I don't need to think about a plan of action or what machinery will do what. I just look at my training schedule FGR provide me with and and I'm sorted. It is one less excuse I can use!

Jen Sykes Jen Sykes
Team England and Glasgow Roller Derby

Why We’re The Right Team For Your Derby Progress

Kaele Scott aka ‘Trisha Smackanawa’

Originally from New Zealand Kaelé played a variety of sports but excelled at soccer and futsal at underage level. 

She studied Biochemistry and worked in toxicology before moving to Ireland. She started Roller Derby in Dublin in 2012 and started weightlifting in 2013 to get stronger for the sport.

Entering her first powerlifting competition in 2014 she broke the Irish deadlift record and won her weight class.

She has since given up her job as a biochemist and moved to London to study Sports & Exercise Science. She plans to study roller derby training in an academic context and apply this to Fitness Gone Rogue for scientific research and development.

She is also currently working towards REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 2 qualification.

Jessica McCarroll aka ‘Rogue Runner’

Having been involved in sport her whole life, Jessica moved into personal training to put all of the knowledge she had gained over the years into good use.

She wanted to inspire and help others achieve all that they could.

Working as a personal trainer in South London, she offers one on one personal training, partner training and group training.

Whether it be for weight loss, sport specific or simply for fun, training with Jessica will help you to achieve your goals in an exciting and fun way.

Rogue has an Elite Personal Trainer qualification REPS Level 3, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training and In-Gym Boxing qualified.

Places Are Limited

Both of us are constantly training and playing (often in other countries).

We also have to work and create courses for you, our community.

As a result, there’s only a few hours per month that we can spare for these consultations.

So, if you really want to make sure that you’re becoming the best player you can be, click the link below now to secure your consultation with us.

Secure Your Training 1-to-1

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to leave the call buzzing with excitement, having been given the insights you need to train better.

We full believe you’ll love what you get when you join us for your session.


If you have a call with us and apply what we teach you, and you don’t feel like you’re improving your game after just a few weeks, then simply send an email to support@fitnessgonerogue.com and we’ll issue a full refund within 3 working days.

No questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your spot now.

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Rogue and Smack


  • q-iconHow will we meet?

    The sessions are done via Skype. We may also be able to do it via Google Hangout if Skype is an issue for you.

  • q-iconHow long are the sessions?

    Each session will last one hour, with approximately 50 minutes dedicated to working on your plan, followed by a 10 minute Q&A session where you can get all your questions answered.