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Book Fitness Gone Rogue’s Rogue Runner or Trisha Smackanawa to coach your league or host a Fitness Gone Rogue Bootcamp, read on to find out more.


Rogue Runner (London Brawling Jammer, London Rollergirls Coach and Team England Skater)

Rogue has been coaching Roller Derby for the last 4 years, across Europe and beyond. Being a Jammer, Rogue’s favourite subject to coach is jamming. “I like to approach jammer coaching with a new and fresh insight, dissecting game play moments and looking at smart jammer decisions. It’s not just about skilful skating, you got to use your derby smarts and just as much strategic thought as you do blocking .” Rogue also enjoys coaching many other subject matters for example Coaching for coaches, team work and offence. Naturally fitness for roller derby is also a well covered topic.




Heres what some skaters had to say about Rogue’s coaching

“Rogues bootcamp upgraded our jammer tools and gave us an new sharp view for jamming.
She got me thinking outside of my own style of gameplay and opened my mind to all the other opportunities I have as a jammer.
Definitely bang for your buck.”

Taru Saxelin “Pygmi” #101
Jammer for Helsinki Roller Derby All-Star


“Rogue came to deliver a couple of jammer focussed sessions with Glasgow Roller Derby recently and I found it extremely useful – as someone who has pretty much only jammed since I started skating in 2008, I can honestly say that everything she taught me was new and fresh. I feel like my jammer ‘toolbox’ has been upgraded and I’m really excited to keep developing the new skills and mindset she taught us. Rogue had a lot to live up to as we’ve got a brilliant bunch of coaches here in GRD, but she showed herself to be an inspirational, flexible and relevant coach who was really approachable.”

Sarah McMillan, Glasgow Roller Derby/ Ireland


Trisha Smackanawa (London Brawling Jammer and Team England Skater)

I have been coaching for 2 years in Ireland and the UK. I tend to focus mostly on jamming but also offensive techniques for teams to use to help their jammers. I like to look at how jammers can use their current set of skills to improve performance and how to incorporate less familiar ones. Aggressive jamming while staying clean penalties wise is also a favourite as blockers shouldn’t be the only ones that get to hit! I also teach sessions on mental toughness, imagery and motivational interviewing as well as off skates fitness, strength and flexibility sessions.


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Heres what some skaters had to say about Smack’s coaching:

“It can be hard to find a coach who appeals to almost every type of skater but somehow Smack manages to pull it off.  I’ve watched how skaters from freshmeat up to skaters in division 1 have been able to make significant improvements under her detailed guidance and demonstrations. For me personally, she’s one of my  favourite coaches as not only can she teach me what I should be doing but she gives me a better understanding of why I should be doing it. I can’t begin to explain how important that is to my style of learning. One of Smacks greatest attributes is that she’s able to adapt. She has a great ability to see where the issues lie and is quick to find a solution. Her knowledge in fitness and health means that she’ll do this in a way that works for you and your body rather than just dealing with the average person. I really couldn’t recommend her higher…… now if only she’d learn to skate!”

Ann Prendiville “Agony” #14, Dublin Roller Derby/Team Ireland


Like the sound of them both. Why not have both coaches and get the full Fitness Gone Rogue experience. Book a Fitness Gone Rogue Bootcamp for the weekend, which includes:

  • On skates sessions, covering topics of your choice.
  • Off skates fitness sessions.
  • Seminars, covering how to structure your on and off skate sessions to make your team the best that it can be.

Download our price list here, or if you have any questions message.