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Fitness Gone Rogue is dedicated to you and your fitness needs. We follow the mantra that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and two minds are better than one, so we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to change, by providing effective and empowered personal training and roller derby coaching. So be a better you, get out of that old routine, GO ROGUE!



Jessica McCarroll the Personal Trainer, Roller Derby Athlete, Coach and Founding Member of Fitness Gone Rogue


Having been involved in sport her whole life Jessica aka Rogue Runner moved into personal training to put all of the knowledge she had gained over the years into good use and inspire and help others achieve all that they could. Working as a personal trainer in South London, she offers one on one personal training, partner training and group training. Whether it be for sport specific, better day to day function, general desire to become healthier or simply for fun, training with Jessica will help you to achieve your goals in an exciting and fun way. Playing Roller Derby since 2011 Rogue has been dedicated to finding the best way to train for the sport. The founding member of Fitness Gone Rogue, with the goal to help inspire and develop roller derby athletes to achieve their full potential.


Elite Personal Trainer qualification REPS Level 3, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training and In Gym Boxing qualified. Currently studying Functional Bio mechanics and Applied Movement Neurology.



Kaelé Scott the Sports and Exercise Science Student and Roller Derby Athlete


Originally from New Zealand Kaelé aka Trisha Smackanawa played  a variety of sports but excelled at soccer and futsal at underage level.  She studied Biochemistry and worked in Toxicology before moving to Ireland. She started Roller Derby in Dublin in 2012 and started weightlifting in 2013 to get stronger for the sport. Entering her first powerlifting competition in 2014 she broke the Irish deadlift record and won her weight class. She has since given up her job as a biochemist and moved to London to study Sports & Exercise Science. She plans to study roller derby training in an academic context and apply this to Fitness Gone Rogue for scientific research and development.

She is also currently working towards REPS Level 2 qualification.



Kristen Lkittyheadshot2ee the Roller Derby Athlete and Coach


Kristen aka Kitty Decapitate has been playing roller derby since the dawn of time in the UK. She has been a member of London Rollergirls since 2006 as well as a brief sojourn with Victorian Roller Derby League (2009-2012) and is a silver medallist with Team England at he 2014 World Cup. You name it, she’s done it or experienced it. She’s held many leadership roles in that time, from league coach, Captain, Board Member, Head Coach/Head of Training and Bench Coach. Her #1 passion, other than actually playing the sport, is coaching teams to not just be better at roller derby but better at being a team, and how to harness those 1%ers. All of this wealth of experience, as well as her analytical brain and obvious passion for the sport make her coaching unique.

Kitty currently skates for London Brawling, is an LRG coach, has been a freelance coach for 7 years, co-owns Double Threat Skates, and is a brand new mum to future LRG recruit, Minnie.



The Skaters, Coaches and Roller Derby Specific Fitness Trainers
Rogue Runner (Jessica McCarroll), Trisha Smackanawa (Kaelé Scott) and Kitty Decapitate (Kristen Lee)


All three members of Fitness Gone Rogue have dedicated their lives to Roller Derby and sharing their knowledge with the community. The sport has led Rogue to Personal training and Kaelé to study sports science and Kitty to her starting her own skate shop, Double Threat Skates and all three of them finding their passion for coaching.

Through Fitness Gone Rogue they hope to merge their love for sport, science, fitness and Roller Derby. Fitness Gone Rogue offers coaching for leagues, Roller Derby specific Personal Training for individuals and small groups and Personalised training plans for training in your own space as a distance training option for those unable to travel to London.

Why not check out our blog for more tips and advice, or our Facebook, twitter and instagram to follow Rogue, Smack’s and Kitty’s adventures.





All three Fitness Gone Rogue members are England Roller Derby skaters and played at the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2014 in Dallas, where the team achieved 2nd place a place higher than the previous world cup in 2011.

They also skate for London Brawling  who after this years WFTDA Championships were ranked 4th in the World, this year showing the closest toughest games at the championship we have seen in a while. They all continue to play at the top of the game and strive for excellence.

With Thanks to Roller Derby On Film Photography/Jason Ruffell

With Thanks to Roller Derby On Film Photography/Jason Ruffell